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Welcome to Ghostbusters: South Coast, the one stop shop for all your paranormal investigation/elimination needs in Florida (and anywhere in the southern states) We take pride in providing our customers with top quality service with every job we take.

Our Company has been around for a little over 3 years now and we are a card-carrying franchise of Ghostbusters: International, busting alongside such famous names as Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. So you can be assured that you are getting the best of the best for the job.



News from the world of the supernatural

Due to reasons I wont disclose right now, I hired on a rookie, who will be useful because of the increase in business after the "Hellbent" incident in Virginia (as we're now calling it). His name is Jack Asbury and I'll be training him personally, to make sure he knows what he's doing.
Havent had a chance to update, but man... Steven Reeves and his crew sure came through and did their jobs well. Essentially they stopped Hell on Earth. LITERALLY.
A newer team in Virginia, led by Steven Reeves, asked me and Bo Holbrook of Ghostbusters Nightsquad to lend some expertise to their investigation of a guy named Damien Safire. Supposedly the heir to the throne of hell. A claim that might pan out to be true, considering all the strange activity going on in the country.
Jeez, I cant take a vacation without SOMETHING big going down... Ghost-Aid decided to crash the party at the get-together by summoning a bunch of creatures to kill us all, but ended up making the Franchises band together to stop them. Probably saved the company from collapsing in on itself from this PKE drought.
Heading to a Ghostbusters International get-together in New York. Leaving Kurt in charge until I return.
Been a VERY slow year, couldnt afford to keep the site open over the summer due to the PKE drought, but business is slowly picking back up.

Heather couldnt have picked a WORSE time to leave... The recent global conflict has ended and we're all safe and back to normal, blah blah blah...
With the busy season now over, Heather has requested to be moved to reservist status as well so she can return to teaching. With Jerry and Riley still on the team full-time though, we shouldn't have a problem.
They are both fine, thanks to Vincent Belmont for the assist in getting them back safely.
Extremely troubling updates... Heather Jennnings and Riley Shamus O'Riley are currently MIA after a battle with a demon in an old French fort New Orleans.

Been awhile since an update, we've been SOOO busy lately with the expansion and the new trainee (Riley Shamus O'Riley) being hired on, I havent really had time. Also, Kurt has decided to return to his schooling to complete his degrees, so he's been pushed back to reservist status, hence the hiring of the new guy,
Well, as a result of new policies being set down in Ghostbusters International, Ghostbusters Tampa Division will be expanded and forming a joint collaborative group called "Ghostbusters South Coast". We will be teaming up with our friends the Central Georgia Ghostbusters and will now be encompassing not only Florida, but the entire southern coast of the U.S.! So, if there's somethin' strange in a southern neighborhood, you know who you can STILL call.
A Merry Christmas and general Happy Holidays from Ghostbusters Tampa Division! This holiday signifies not only the ending of our second busy season, but probably is one of the easiest working nights in our company's history. Now on to New Years!
New pics from Halloween night posted!
Halloween is here again, we've been getting calls almost non-stop tonight sofar and it looks like its going to get more hectic before it calms down any. Sofar we've busted 13 spooks tonight.
Decided to hire on Heather Jennings, a co-worker from the college me and Kurt had been working for, to help us with the extra workload during the busy season.
As we try to get back to business as usual here at Tampa District, we all mourn the passing of Julie Madison, she wasa good teammate and friend, the first new recruit to be hired by Tampa Division and the only one besides me who stuck around.


Well, we managed to stop the escaped ghosts from destroying the city, we also managed to stop the Lucas Brothers and Jake Fuller, who were behind the recent rash of Demonic activity... At a great cost though, Julie Madison was killed in action during the fight.


As of late we've been getting a LOT of reports of demonic possessions in the area and are becoming concerned about the involvment of a certain book entitled Necronomicon Ex Mortis... On top of that, those little piss-ants the Lucas brothers are back in town with their butt-buddy Jake Fuller and have formed their OWN Ghost-catching business to rival us. Laughable really, but they're still an annoyance. For these reasons, I will be making a business trip up to Chicago to seek assistance in stopping and securing this book in order to keep it from harming anyone else. I'll be gone for a week (possibly 2) and will post updates upon my return.
We've been quit busy lately here at Tampa District, I just returned from a trip to New Jersey during my injury leave, while I was up there, I hung around with Rich and Bill of Ghostbusters: New Jersey and ended up assisting in a bust at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.

We made the news again!


Ghostbusters Tampa District has come out on top yet again, with the help of 2 other GBI franchises, we managed to wipe out a nest of Vampires using ghouls and zombies as soldiers in their attempts to unleash a deadly virus on the country. The story will be in the Case Files section very soon!
We're now in the midst of one of our biggest cases yet and in the wake of Alberto, we're trying to sort everything out and rushing to find one of our employees who is now MIA while on a case. Tampa District will return to business as usual once this matter is resolved.
I am pleased to announce that, after an extensive training period, Jerry Lewis (no not THAT one) has been hired to Ghostbusters: Tampa Division.

Been awhile since my last update, sorry about that, but good news is coming with me!
After an incident at the school I was working for, myself and my friend Kurt Summers have re-opened Ghostbusters Tampa Division, bringing back Julie Madison to fill out the roster once more.
Mark and Damon Lucas can burn in hell.
Which brings me to the OTHER good news... Ghostbusters: Tampa District is now accepting applications for full-time employment. Are YOU ready to hunt down and catch the things that go bump in the night? Its a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it... and get paid VAST sums of money for it as well!
Now seeking:
Trap Layer
Backup Snagger
Fill out your applications now! Dont delay, start busting TODAY! GB:TD Wants YOU!

Sorry about the delays, LOTS of work came up on us recently, thirty busts within two weeks! Mostly simple zap-and-trap jobs, but still... its pretty rough on us. We are now accepting applications for new team members.
Added another Case File we recently completed for Universal Studios.

Two new Case files added. Kinda sad to read them now... 
New pictures of the team posted now, check 'em out.

No trouble at this year's Gasparilla event, but we got to ride in the parade anyways, haha! Today however, we were called to Universal Studios to be present at the closing cerimony for their Ghostbusters-themed attraction  but ended up busting a spirit calling itself "Beetlegeise" (Dont wanna write down his ACTUAL name just in case)

Sorry for no updates over the last month, just havent had a chance. Business is decent I'd say, but with the end of the busy season upon us, it could be a long winter. See you on the other side, folks!
Happy Thanksgiving. Someone didnt like the "murder" of innocent turkeys apparently... Someone who knows magic. We just got done roasting a bunch of evil ones at the grocery store, luckily the store gave the re-deadened ones to us and, after making sure they were safe, gave them to the family shelter downtown.
We're back! On "Hell Night", the night before Halloween, Jake Fuller kidnapped Rachel (Mark's new girl and Jake's ex) and tried to sacrifice her to a demon that had been supplying Jake with followers for his Ghost-Aid campaign. Luckily we were able to get there in time to save her, but almost got arrested by the cops on our way back. After Rachel's testimony (and some quick moves from Louis Tully) we were cut loose and the Mayor rescinded the ban on our activities. So... We're back in business!
Due to the actions of Max Turner, Jake Fuller and Ghost-Aid, Tampa Division is suspended from activities for the time being.
After talking with Mark's new girlfriend we found out that her ex, Jake Fuller (the guy who runs Ghost-Aid) is apparently in-league with Max Turner and that is how this activist group got started.
Big surge in PKE this week, been busy with investigations and a few busts the last couple days and to top it off, the parking lot outside is full of protestors from some activist group called "Ghost-Aid" claiming to be fighting for the rights of the undead. Bullshit I say.
Annoying news! Apparently Max Turner, a rather bitter former classmate of ours, got himself a job with the E.P.A. and is taking a que from a certain pecker-head from the GHOSTBUSTERS' pasts and is on a crusade against us.
Happy Indipendance Day everyone! The last few months have been a busy few for us, we hired on a new member, Julie Madison, to help with the extra caseload.
After an incident at the Gasparilla Festival in Downtown Tampa yesterday, we received a letter from GBI and are now OFFICIALLY card-carrying members of Ghostbusters International. We were also gifted with a '59 Miller Meteor Caddy from Peter Venkman himself (though he said it was an "authorized knock-off", whatever that means...)
After earning the probationary Franchising Rights from Ghostbusters Interntational, Ghostbusters Tampa Division is now open for business!





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